Cozy Books

Mirriam’s post on cozy books (along with Jenny’s and Rachel’s) started to make me think about my favorite cozy books. This is the sort of fluffy, tasty book you read and reread again. Hmm… Lately I haven’t had a lot of time to read (let alone reread), but the idea of cozy books brought to mind a few of my favorites.
The Horse and His Boy

The my family’s copy of this book has a very well-creased spine; the pages have a familiar smell and crinkling sound to me. Along with The Dawn Treader, I’ve probably read this Narnia book the most. There’s just something so endearing about Shasta and his adventures with Bree; and how could you not like the mischievous Corin?

The Mistmantle Chronicles

Along with the Chronicles of Narnia, this is one of my favorite books. Urchin and his lovable bunch of animal friends are very near and dear to my heart (especially Crispin!).  And each book has a such a lovely cover!
Pippi Longstocking

What is there not to love about a girl with carrot-red hair, a monkey named Mr. Nelson, and horse who lives on the front porch of a house? Pippi’s adventures are so outrageously delightful it’s hard to not like them.
The Door Within Trilogy

the door within
Batson is still a favorite author of mine; he got me hooked on writing, and it was through his blog that I found Mirriam’s blog and then through hers that I found pretty much all of the other wonderful blogs I read.  I always found it hard to put a Batson book down, even when re-reading them.  Though it was only after I had read the series that I saw the Lord of the Rings movies and realized much Nock and Mallik are like Legolas and Gimli. 😛
So that’s my list of cozy books.  I could probably ramble on about some of my other childhood favorites,  such as Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, the Boxcar Children, and Redwall…but I’ll save those for another time.  What are some your favorite ‘cozy’ books?


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