Behold! The Release Date!

After watching excessive amounts of Phineas and Ferb a few years ago, I get the Doofenschmirtz-urge to say “Behold! My something-inator!” whenever revealing something important. Ah, well. Such are the troubles of a Disney fan.

Well, the point of this blog post is to announce the release date of The Five Glass Slippers. Mark your calendars for June 14, for that is the day! And I couldn’t be more excited. Along with receiving this piece of news from Anne Elisabeth Stengl, I also know have a pdf of The Five Glass Slippers, and my goodness, the other stories are excellent! This collection is seriously something special. And the inside of the book….so beautifully formatted! I could probably ramble on for a while, but I won’t. To top off all this excellent news, you can now preorder your copy of The Five Glass Slippers on Amazon by clicking here! So exciting!

Next week Anne Elisabeth will be doing some exciting interview thingies for The Five Glass Slippers over at her blog, so be sure to check that out. In the meanwhile, Easter is almost upon us; if you need a quick Easter-egg stuffer or just an adorable decoration, check out this free tiny knit bunny pattern over at Mochimochiland! I can attest from experience that this pattern works and is actually rather easy to make.


Happy Easter and God bless!


Time, Applesauce, and Other Important Things

Despite my loads of schoolwork conspiring against me, I managed to get some writing done in March (yippee!). So I hope you enjoy these selections from A Ticket to Yonder!


When steam was all about to stream out of Jamie’s ears—there were only so many times he could hear the word ‘lollipop’ in the Walrus’s wistful voice—a voice crackled over the train intercom as if the speaker were talking into a rusty tin can.

“Pulling into Innovation,” the tin can voice drawled. “Step away from the doors and collect all your personal belongings; if anything is left on the train, it will personally belong to us. Have a wonderful day.”


The wheels of Jamie’s brain continued to turn. “But if you ask someone if you need advice, won’t they tell you need advice whether you actually need it or not? It’s rather like asking the owner a of store if you need to buy this or that, and of course he’ll say yes, because he’ll make money off of you.”

“You make it sound like the Great Guru runs some sort of disreputable scam,” the Walrus sniffed. “He’s far more respectable. And besides, he doesn’t charge any money for his advice; he makes his money off the exorbitant taxes of this city. He is supreme ruler—I mean mayor, after all.”

Jamie spent the next few minutes trying to figure out if this fact made the Great Guru a better person or not, but the inward debate ended in a very befuddled brain and no clear answers.


“Well, Jamie, you do look unhappy. Like a tissue out of a tissue box! A cookie out of a jar! A crayon out of a box that crayons go in! All very sad scenarios, if you ask me.”


“Time is almost like money,” the Balloon mused softly. “It doesn’t grow on trees. A lot of things don’t grow on trees…pumpkins, carrots, applesauce. Time is almost like applesauce, then, I suppose. It is cold and slimy and lumpy and slips down your throat like sand through your fingers; before you can blink, it is gone and your life is up.”

A Squee-Worthy Title Page

Yesterday I received a lovely surprise in my inbox–the title page for Broken Glass!


Isn’t is whimsical?  I love the fonts and all the swirls! And the young lady looks very much like Rosalind. Only a couple more months until The Five Glass Slippers is released! I just can’t wait to read the other stories. Rachel, Stephanie, Elisabeth, and Clara have all done lovely posts about their Cinderellas over at The Five Glass Slippers blog! I hope to do a post there soon.