When You’d Just Rather Play Mario Kart

That describes me right now. School is in full swing, meaning AP and PSAT prep, calculus, essays–mountains of homework. Also, my Beauty and the Beast story is giving me some grief. I had a nice outline all worked out this summer and I happily began writing it when BAM! The plot holes began to appear. Nasty, conniving little things. 😛 But I think the plot may hav begun to work itself out.
But none of this is a very good excuse to my blogging absense. I have some blog post ideas in the works; however, I’d love to hear from you all. What sort of things do you want to read about on this blog? I appreciate your feedback! Oh, and is anyone else writing a Beauty and the Beast retelling? How are they going?


11 thoughts on “When You’d Just Rather Play Mario Kart

  1. Glad your story is coming along! I had started a Beauty and the Beast Retelling, however I quickly discovered that I am terrible at retellings, I have a tendency to just rewrite the story. So I dropped it and now am working on my own story 🙂 Lesson learned! Good luck on yours though!

  2. I tried to start writing a Beauty and the Beast retelling as soon as I heard about the contest, but I’m afraid it has too little action. Also, it’s starting to sound a little like a movie I’ve seen before. I think my idea might be better suited to a novel than to a short story/novella.

    P.S. I just found your blog and I think your header is too cute. 🙂

  3. Plot holes are nasty. >.< I'm glad you're managing to work yours out.
    I'm working on a Beauty and the Beast retelling, though not for the 5 Enchanted Roses collection. It's been in-progress since last summer . . . I think I might be near the end of it. Maybe. I hope I am.

  4. Ahh plot holes…those things stink. It’s always exciting when it gets all sorted out and you can write again! I have an idea for a Beauty and the Beast re-telling, but I’m not sure if I’ll finish it…I’m working on a few other writing projects at the moment, but I may pick it up again. I’d love to hear more about your writing!!

  5. UGH I know! Junior year is rough… And calculus? I mean, really, what is the point of a derivative? Does anyone know? I’m prepping for PSAT, SAT, and ACT, in addition to two college classes, so it’s quite an… exciting semester. I’m also entering 5 Enchanted Roses AND Scholastic Writing Contest, which you should check out! It seems right up your alley. : )

  6. I totally understand this! I need to write/edit/something but…but I just have zero motivation for it at the moment. I need something to really enthuse myself. But summer is coming (in my corner of the world 😉 and THAT usually helps me get motivated. Getting out of those winter slumps. 😉

    If you’re looking for like topics and discussion ideas, sometimes I just google “book blogging topics” and people write whole lists of them! It’s handy. Gosh knows without those kinds of inspiration I would run out of things to blog. 🙂

  7. I love the post title – Mario Kart is a favourite of mine. ^.^
    I hope your B&B story continues to go well! Mine is coming along nicely (much too long already to be part of the contest. That’s okay though, I still love it.), though not quickly. I don’t mind that too much really, though…
    Anyway, I love reading posts about writing and stories, characters, etc. Also posts about daily-life is always rather fun to read about from other people – you know, getting a glimpse into their “regular life”. 🙂
    Whatever gives you inspiration/motivation for blog posts, I say go with!

  8. This is the first time I’ve commented on this blog and I’m looking forward to reading more! So I’d better look around a bit before giving ideas for posts… 😛

    Plot holes: I ran into so many, I had to scrap my entry and start all over. (And I started writing as soon as I heard about the contest. ARGH!!) I think it’s going well right now…

    I’m so glad you’re doing a retelling! The entire time after reading (and rereading) Five Glass Slippers, I thought, “Oh man, I hope she’s doing an entry for the next one! That ending was the PERFECT set up!”
    I’d say good luck, but Obi-Wan’s conversation with Solo has kind of made that impossible for me. 😉
    So instead I say, “God bless!”

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