Sequel Woes

I’m currently editing my sequel to Broken Glass, and while writing it, I’ve noticed a few things about writing sequels…


There are so many things to keep track of!  Like, what color eyes did So-and-So have?  And how old was Such-and-Such?  Characters’ personalities should stay consistent with the first book.  I’m beginning to understand why so many books and movies get sequelitis.

And then you start comparing your sequel to the first book.  And those little voices start whispering in your head…The writing in Book 1 was better.  The plot in Book 1 was better.  You had more fun writing Book 1.  People are going to hate Book 2!!!

But guys…I’ve realized that worrying doesn’t make Corroded Thorns any better.  (though it is good to keep track of eye color and names and those little things)  And I also keep reminding myself that at this time last year, I was freaked out cause the first draft wasn’t done yet and considering bailing the whole project.

If your sequel is really stressing you out, take a step back.  Play some wii, read a book, watch a Blimey Cow video.   Or hold a fluffy cat, like Baymax.


After finishing the rough first draft of Corroded Thorns, I ended up taking almost a month off of writing for school-related reasons.  But it was a nice break.  I was able to stew over some ideas for my revisions, come up with new story ideas and relax (well, sort of.  I had Latin Convention to worry about.)  And when I finally picked up my writing again, I was so excited to start pounding out some words again.

So how do you deal with sequels?  Have you written one?  Was it easy, hard, or just the normal writing experience for you?  Do tell!



7 thoughts on “Sequel Woes

  1. I’m sure Corroded Thorns will be awesome. 😀 I hope I’ll get to read it. 😉
    I actually enjoy writing sequels. For me, it’s more challenging in some ways than the first book, but it’s easier in others because I have something about the characters and world already established.

  2. I totally know what you mean about it being hard to keep track of all the details! I’ve been dealing with that too, only not with a sequel, just with a ‘big’ project. I’ve been keeping a file sort of thing, writing down the details and character-sheets for each character and things about them, so I can just look back at that instead of going through the whole story. =)
    I hope editing goes well!

  3. Wishing you all the best with this sequel, Emma. I’m sure it will end up being splendid despite all these woes your dealing with. AS you say, just remember to have some fun by taking breaks now and again. 🙂

  4. OH I HEAR YOU. I wrote…*gulps* I wrote a 6 book series once. I started at 15 and was writing them until I was 17. IT WAS A BAD DECISION. I got so much writers block because of the doubt that which-book-was-worse-or-better. But I always felt that I got better as I wrote and HAD to go back and rewrite the first ones. o.O I was rewriting so so much. heh. But forgetting things? Yessss. I could never keep track and in the end I just didn’t put in details because I couldn’t remember. >_< That's really bad! If I did it again, I'd keep, like, lists of things to remember. heh.

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