Coming this Summer…

Perhaps you all have been curious since I left you with that cyptic blog post a couple weeks ago.

Well, today I am pleased to announce that I will be self-publishing Corroded Thorns!

On the day the Five Enchanted Roses winners were announced, I recieved an email from Anne Elisabeth, the publisher of Five Glass Slippers and Five Enchanted Roses. ย She told me that she and the judge who read Corroded Thorns really enjoyed it–however, it was too dependent on Broken Glass to work well in the collection. ย But she and the judge strongly encouraged me to self-publish the story.

Thus, I am self-publishing. I hope to release Corroded Thorns sometime in June, in ebook format. I’ve hired Anne Elisabeth as my cover designer, and oh my, the cover looks AMAZING so far! And I’ve also hired the same editor who edited Broken Glass. It makes me so happy getting to work with the same wonderful people who made Five Glass Slippers possible.

So that’s the deal with Corroded Thorns. I can’t wait to share this story with you all!


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