Random Fridays: Fun Facts About Me

So one of my favorite blogs, Awkwordly Emma, does this something called Random Fridays every week. I finally got around to linking up! This week’s topic is Fun Facts About Me (as you might have guessed from the title of this post).


So, here we go…

1. I’m really tall. Like, hard-to-find-jeans-and-dresses tall. Sometimes it’s annoying, and sometimes I just feel plain awkward for being so tall, but it is nice to reach stuff on high-up shelves.

2. Though I’ve seen almost every film/TV adaption of Jane Austen’s books, I’ve never actually read one of her books. I really should read them.

3. Chocolate is my favorite food.

4. I’m actually really interested in computer programming. I’ve done a couple classes, and I’m taking a Java class next year. However, I’m not very tech savvy; I only recently figured out how to change the size of a picture on WordPress. :/ And all this time I thought pictures could only be one size.

6. I loathe the taste and smell of bell peppers.

7. One of the first stories I wrote was about two hermit crab siblings, Hermie and Shellie (creative names, right?). Hermie bought his little sister Shellie a birthday present…and that was pretty much the whole story.

8. My favorite Avenger is Vision; he’s just so different from the other Avengers and so epic. 🙂


(Vision, lookin’ cool like always)

9. Yellow is traditionally my favorite color, but I wear a lot of blue, especially navy blue. Navy blue is a beautiful color.

10. I like designing and sewing stuffed animals. I’ve made stuffed dragons from How To Train Your Dragon, orcs from the Lord of the Rings, and the Tardis from Doctor Who.


     (Harold the Urukai and Steve the Orc)

So there you have it, folks! 10 random facts about me. What about you? What are some random facts about you? More importantly, do you like chocolate?


34 thoughts on “Random Fridays: Fun Facts About Me

  1. How tall is “really tall”? 😉

    You must read some of the actual Austen books! Especially P&P… Mr. Darcy is even cooler in the book!!

    CHOCOLATE. ❤ That is all.

    (I think you can't change wordpress picture sizes if they're links from other places… only if you upload them…)

    There is only one question about your old story: WHAT WAS THE BIRTHDAY PRESENT? O_O

    FYI, I am dying of laughter over the adorbz Harold and Steve stuffed orcs. That. Is. Hilarious. XD

    Fun post!

    • Like, just a few inches short of 6′. When I wear some low heels, I am actually 6′ tall. O_O
      Yes!!! I hope to read P&P sometime this summer.
      Ooh, good question. The present was a toy dog who had a surprise number of puppies; Hermie bought for $8.43 (my little brain apparently thought that was a lot of money).
      Oh, you haven’t even seen the funniest orcs yet. i made an orc dressed up as a character from the Assassin’s Creed video game. It was a commission and the coat I made for the orc took FOREVER. AAAAAH.
      I always love reading your comments, and your blog posts too!

  2. What a fun post! Thanks for sharing, Emma. My favorite Avenger is probably Steve. 😉 I know, I know he’s a popular choice, but he’s such a cool guy. But then, I also like Hawkeye… and Black Widow. Who am I kidding? I do like them all.

    I’m a huge Austen aficionado, but cannot get into the books. I think it’s the difference in prose today vs. back then. Not that it isn’t well written, the language and style is just that much different. I did finish Sense and Sensibility a while back (a feat I’m proud of ;D) and have been reading Northanger Abbey for years now. I started it, put it aside and would occasionally revisit it. I’m probably better off now to just begin again. 🙂

    Happy Friday.

    • Oh, I love Steve too. Fun fact, whenever I do one of those silly little internet quizzes on “Which Avenger are you?” I almost always get Captain America. 🙂
      I tried reading Mansfield Park many years ago, but I got bored two pages in. It was basically a longer version of the movie! Which P&P adaptation is your favorite, the Keira Knightly version or the Colin Firth version? I grew up on the Colin Firth one, so it is very near and dear to my heart. 🙂

      • That is cool. Steve isn’t a bad dude to be compared to AT ALL. 🙂

        I have to confess my favorite P&P adaptation is the newer one. I know, I know, to most fans that’s insane. I grew up on the Colin Firth miniseries as well, but each time I watch the 2005 adaptation, I like it MORE and more. Just recently re-watched it and yep, I had to conclude it’s edging out the ’95 version. 🙂 That being said, I don’t think anything can replace the miniseries for content being aligned with the book. My mom read it before we saw the A&E classic and she said it’s nearly word for word adapted.

  3. I know an Emma who’s really tall! 😀 She makes me feel like the midget I am. (And I also got to call her a midget, because she was Frodo when we were playing Lord of the Rings Monopoly…)
    Choosing a favorite Avenger is soooo hard! They all have their different strengths and weaknesses. I usually just say it’s probably not Banner or Stark… 😉

  4. I’m really short. Like, hard-to-find-clothes-that-don’t-look-like-they’re-for-elementary-schoolers-short. 😛 I know a girl that’s really tall and when I stand next to her my shoulder is just a few inches above her hip. I actually have to look up to talk to her, and my dad said that when me and my other short-ish friend stand next to her we look like hobbits. 🙂 I guess both short people and tall people have their own set of problems.

    You should definitely check out Jane Austen’s books. I love Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park the best so far, and both are quite hilarious. Have you seen the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice? I got it for my birthday, but I haven’t watched it yet.

    Chocolate should be everyone’s favorite food.

    Well would you look at that! A kindred soul! I, too, am really interested in computer programming. I’ve worked through some books and taken a course in computer programing for different languages, and now I’m embarking on the task of creating my own side projects, which is slightly scary but fun. What are your favorite languages? So far mine are Arduino and Python. Actually, my interest in computer programming is making my future career plans complicated because I want to get a PhD in Computer/Electrical Engineering but I also want to be a novelist part time. The fact that there are quite a few authors who also have day jobs gives me hope, though. Do you see yourself as having two careers as well?

    I love your plushies so much! Eep! They’re so cute.

    This is a really long comment. I will stop now.

    • I love long comments!!! 😀 Never apologize for long comments.

      Oooh, I have seen the Keira Knightly P&P. It’s good! I prefer the Colin Firth version, because it’s longer–however, the Keira Knightly version is more artsy. Both are good in their own ways.

      I’ve done Python and Processing (a language based off of Java). I really liked Python too! I made a cool text adventure game for the final project in my class.

      Yeah, I could see myself doing both computer programming and writing; but i also really want to have a family. Thankfully both writing and programming are things I could do from home.

      • Oh yea, I’ve done Processing before. I actually did a course on courser that used Processing for the whole course. Wow! A text adventure game sounds really fun-both to make and play!

        I definitely see myself having a family, as well. And writing. And programming. I’m not sure if that’s going to work out but thankfully I don’t have to worry about it yet since I haven’t even entered college yet.

      • Oh that’s so cool! Most people I talk to haven’t heard of Processing, so this is really neat that you’ve programmed with it! Text adventure games are fun to make and play. It’s basically just a bunch of “if” statements and printing text.

      • Yeah! It’s like the best of both worlds: you get to come up with a story and program. Maybe that’s why I enjoy programming so much; a lot of it is math and computer stuff, but it also takes a lot of creativity.

  5. Ugh, the never-ending tall girl struggle! Everything that fits you around is too short and everything that fits in the length is too baggy! I like being tall, but it does make shopping a little annoying.

    I’ve seen a few Pride and Prejudice adaptations (I’m actually watching the 2005 version as I type this!), but I’ve never been able to make it through the book. I seem to be the only woman in the world (give or take a few) who doesn’t like Jane Austen’s writing.

    And yes, I do like chocolate. 🙂

    • Shopping is so annoying! I can never find cute colored skinny jeans in store. And dresses are so hard to find. :/

      Austen’s writing is a little hard to get into. I hope to give her books another try soon. What do you think of the 2005 P&P?

  6. I have a phone named Hermie, yellow is also my favorite color, and bravo for becoming all computer techieish! Also your stuffed animals are absolutely adorable. I want a Bilbo. Or a Captain America. 😉

    P.s. Just got Corroded Thorns, and I can’t wait to read it!

    • Hermie is an adorable name for a phone. I haven’t named my phone, but I’ve named all my Apple products. My iPad is Jarvis. 🙂
      Yeeeees a cute plushie Captain America!!! I should make one.
      Oh goodie! I hope you like CT. Hehe, pardon the typos. I can send you a typo-free copy if you like.

  7. I have a phone named Pyxis, I ALSO LOVE CHOCOLATE (who doesn’t?!) Let’s face the fact that I would probably live and breathe on chocolate if my mom let me. And I’m also super tall. It get slightly awkward at times, but YES TO BENG ABLE TO REACH LONG SHELVES.

  8. I’ve only seen a few Jane Austen adaptations but I’ve read several (and read all the originals except Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey). Thanks for participating!

  9. Aaahhh, Harold and Steve are so cute!! My sister and I are both really tall as well (I’m 5′ 10″-ish, I can never remember exactly), so I understand your plight. It’s no fun shopping for jeans. :/

    Out of curiosity, do you prefer milk chocolate or dark?

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