Let’s Talk Comments


I like commenting on blogs.  As a blogger, I understand how meaningful even the smallest of comments are.  Commenting is a way to show appreciation!  And I want to show my appreciation for the awesome, inspiring blogs I read.

Some blog posts are really easy to comment on.  Like, ones that end with questions.  “What have you read lately?”  “What’s your opinion on this topic?”  It’s fairly easy to write comments about myself.

But sometimes I read a blog post that I really enjoy.  I want to comment!  However, the post doesn’t leave a lot of room for a comment.  Or the post will be on a really serious topic, and I have no idea how to express my feelings.  Anything I write sounds stupid or fake or just “meh.”  And so I sadly wander off, hoping the blogger will get my telepathic brainwaves that I liked their post.

Or sometimes, if I’ve been reading a blog for a while but have never commented, I feel kind of weird randomly commenting.  How do you introduce yourself?  “Oh hi I’ve been silently stalking–I mean reading your blog for awhile.  You’re pretty cool. Okay  bye.”

This isn’t a how-to post.  This is me, asking you all, how do you like to comment?  If you’re a blogger, how can I best show my appreciation for your post?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Do you any of you all ever struggle with leaving comments?image



8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Comments

  1. I’ve never really thought about comments in this light (in terms of commenting on a new blog). I just… write when leaving a comment. It helps if the topic is something fun like the Top Ten Tuesday memes which is often where/when I visit new-to-me blogs. We can talk about books and it’s a fun way to meet new people. Great questions. 🙂

  2. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.
    Often my struggle is with the first thing you mentioned- the post doesn’t leave a lot of commenting room and everything I come up with to say sounds trite or stupid or something. So I just leave a like and move on with the words stored up for later.
    I generally don’t have a problem with commenting for teh first time, though. I usually just say something like “Hi, I’ve been reading here for a while but never got around to commenting! This post is great,” and so on.

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