Writing Updates + Camp NaNo Plans

Hello! It’s been way too long since I last blogged, but if you’re still reading this blog, thank you!

With the school year mostly done, I’ve actually had some time to write. At the end of June, I managed to finish up a WIP of almost four years, A Ticket to Yonder (if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you maybe remember I’ve posted some snippets/Beautiful People/other stuff like that about ATtY.) A nonsensical children’s book sort of novel, ATtY finished up at about 39,000 words. I wouldn’t mind it being longer, but I’m confident I can beef up the first draft during edits. And, unlike my NaNo first draft, I actually think I can come back and polish A Ticket to Yonder into a decent book. Hooray!

But for now I’m taking a break from that novel and preparing for my next adventure: Camp NaNoWriMo in July. I had a really hard time settling on what to write, but I finally decided to a Little Mermaid spoof/retelling I’ve been brainstorming for the past year or so. Originally the story was going to be a novella, like Broken Glass and Corroded Thorns, and set in the same universe; but then I liked the story so much I wanted it to be a full novel. Ever since I read Howl’s Moving Castle back in February, I’ve been revisiting some old characters and ideas and reincorporating them into one big fantasy world.

My working title for the story is The Fish Prince; it might change, since it’s a little too close to the title of Suzannah Rowntree’s Prince of Fishes…but we’ll see. Anyhoo, here’s the back cover blurb I wrote:


Prince Aurelian’s life is horrible.
All he wants to do is marry the love of his life, Celeste; but his cruel parents, the rulers of the Southern Seas, forbid the match. They claim that 19-year-old Aurelian has done nothing to show maturity or selflessness. (There’s also the small fact that he met Celeste only three months before.) But true love can happen faster than that!
By chance while moping on the surface one stormy night, Aurelian rescues a young human boy and his governess from a shipwreck. However, this act of bravery gets him no credit from his parents, because they don’t believe he’s telling the truth. Determined to convince his parents of his maturity, Aurelian strikes a deal with a dangerous sea wizard to go to shore and find the governess, as a witness to his brave act. But his plans go awry when he discovers that the young woman firmly denies the existence of merfolk.
Back underwater, Aurelian’s beloved Celeste is left searching her missing prince; she makes a bargain with the sea wizard too, and must reconsider the genuineness of her feelings for Aurelian.
Both above and below the water, chaos ensues; phantoms, magicians, and dangerous spells threaten humans and merfolk alike as Aurelian and Celeste dive deeper into their quests.


I’m already almost 6,000 words into the first draft, and I hope to knock out at least 10,000 words before NaNo starts. The more I write this month, the more relaxed my Camp NaNo experience can be next month. So far, I’m really happy with what I’ve written and feel like I’ve got a good grasp on my characters’ voices (at least the ones I’ve introduced so far).

So what do you think of The Fish Prince? Are you participating in Camp NaNo this year? If so, what you are doing for it? And if you’re not doing Camp NaNo, what other writing adventures do you have planned? I’d love to hear about them!

6 thoughts on “Writing Updates + Camp NaNo Plans

  1. Love the idea for your story! This year for Camp NaNo I’m continuing writing a second draft of a novel I finished during regular NaNo a year or two ago. I’m really looking forward to diving back into it!

  2. I’m doing Camp Nano! Love the “Little Mermaid” idea. I haven’t read many retellings of this tale, but yours sounds fun! (Just please make it happier than the original. Pleeeease?)

    I, too, hope to do a fairy tale retelling for camp. It’s a comedic “Snow White” idea that I had a month or so ago, and I’m rather excited about it. πŸ˜€

    • Oh, the ending will definitely be happy. πŸ˜€ Much happier than the original.
      Comedic retellings are the best! I’d love to hear more about your spin on Snow White. Best wishes for Camp NaNo!

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