Recent Reads

I’ve had a strange assortment of books on my nightstand lately: manga, classics, and rereads.  Instead of boring you with book reviews, here’s a little peak at what I’ve been reading…


Fullmetal Alchemist

I finished this manga series at the end of July; it was beautiful.  The story, the art, the characters, the couples–it was all so well done!  Edward and Alphonse are such a hilarious, adorable, epic, and heroic main characters.  One of the things I love most about this series is the girls.  They’re all so strong and awesome and yet never in an annoying way.  I was particularly surprised that so many characters survived, and yet the ending didn’t seem unrealistically happy.  Yay!  If you’re interested in trying manga, this is a good series to start with.


Peter Pan

I’m working on Peter Pan retelling for NaNoWriMo (but more on that later), so I thought it would be good to finally read the original book.  It’s definitely not the Disney movie.  Even though Peter was kind of a terrible person and the ending was surprisingly sad, I really enjoyed it.  Barrie’s sense of humor and style of writing are hilarious.  But I don’t think I’d consider Peter Pan a children’s book.   And I still like the Disney movie more.

(but isn’t that leather cover pretty?)


The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

I read this one for my literature class this fall.  An autobiography?  I was expecting to be very bored.  But it’s actually a very short, interesting book.  I feel like quite the underachiever compared to Ben Franklin; even as a teenager Ben Franklin was so self-motivated.


The Magician’s Nephew

Rereading this book brings back such memories.  🙂 This one of the books in the series that I had read the least.  Polly and Digory are adorable and it always made me sad they didn’t marry when they grew up.  *sigh*


Scarlet and Cress

Because Winter is coming out in just a couple months!!!  Eep!  I can’t wait.  This series is really worth your time.  It’s so well thought-out!  And Cress and Captain Thorne are adorable.  Enough said.  🙂



Another manga series.  It’s an inter-dimensional sci-fi adventure and I’m loving it.  The art is gorgeous (once you get used to how long everyone’s arms and legs are…).  But sadly my library doesn’t have all the books (meep) so it’s taking me a little longer to read it.

So that’s what I’ve been reading lately, folks!  Anything on my list sound interesting to you?  What have you been reading lately?



Corroded Thorns: It’s Out!

CORRODED THORNS IS HERE!!!! 😀  I wanted to make sure everything was ready for Friday, but it turns out Kindle puts up books a lot quicker!  I’m so happy to finally have this book released.  A big thanks to my parents, Anne Elisabeth, and Jill Stengl for helping me make this book possible!

You can find Corroded Thorns on Amazon here.  If you feel so inclined, please spread the news!  🙂


A fairy godmother—in prison? Madeline can’t remember even being a fairy godmother, let alone doing something bad enough to land her in a cell. When a mysterious lady sends her back to her old village with cryptic instructions and no answers to her many questions, Madeline must find a way to free her father, who has been imprisoned in a tower by a terrible beast.

First banished by his father the king, then cursed by an angry fairy, Prince Darcy will do anything to escape this fate and achieve revenge and power. Just when he thinks his chance has arrived, by some cruel trick of fate a girl from his past returns and once again wreaks havoc on his life. Worse still, he begins to question what he truly desires.


Corroded Thorns Release Date

CorrodedThornsFinal (2)

I have some exciting news today! Next Friday, July 17, I’m releasing Corroded Thorns on Kindle! (I’m hoping all the Kindle publishing stuff goes smoothly).  There’s not going to be a big blog party or whatnot, but I’d love your help getting the word out on Friday.
So mark your calendars for July 17!  I can’t wait to share this story with you all.

Don’t know what Corroded Thorns is about?  Check it out on Goodreads here.

Random Fridays: Fun Facts About Me

So one of my favorite blogs, Awkwordly Emma, does this something called Random Fridays every week. I finally got around to linking up! This week’s topic is Fun Facts About Me (as you might have guessed from the title of this post).


So, here we go…

1. I’m really tall. Like, hard-to-find-jeans-and-dresses tall. Sometimes it’s annoying, and sometimes I just feel plain awkward for being so tall, but it is nice to reach stuff on high-up shelves.

2. Though I’ve seen almost every film/TV adaption of Jane Austen’s books, I’ve never actually read one of her books. I really should read them.

3. Chocolate is my favorite food.

4. I’m actually really interested in computer programming. I’ve done a couple classes, and I’m taking a Java class next year. However, I’m not very tech savvy; I only recently figured out how to change the size of a picture on WordPress. :/ And all this time I thought pictures could only be one size.

6. I loathe the taste and smell of bell peppers.

7. One of the first stories I wrote was about two hermit crab siblings, Hermie and Shellie (creative names, right?). Hermie bought his little sister Shellie a birthday present…and that was pretty much the whole story.

8. My favorite Avenger is Vision; he’s just so different from the other Avengers and so epic. 🙂


(Vision, lookin’ cool like always)

9. Yellow is traditionally my favorite color, but I wear a lot of blue, especially navy blue. Navy blue is a beautiful color.

10. I like designing and sewing stuffed animals. I’ve made stuffed dragons from How To Train Your Dragon, orcs from the Lord of the Rings, and the Tardis from Doctor Who.


     (Harold the Urukai and Steve the Orc)

So there you have it, folks! 10 random facts about me. What about you? What are some random facts about you? More importantly, do you like chocolate?

Rooglewood Press Contest and Cover Reveal!

Hello, everyone!

Today I’m happy to share with you the cover of the next Rooglewood Press fairytale collection.  Are you ready?  Here it is…

Five Magic Spindles


Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?  🙂

Here’s all the important information on how you can enter!

Rooglewood Press is delighted to introduce their second fairy tale novella contest—

Five Magic Spindles

a collection of “Sleeping Beauty” stories

The challenge is to write a retelling of the beloved fairy tale in any genre or setting you like. Make certain your story is recognizably “Sleeping Beauty,” but have fun with it as well. Make it yours!

Rooglewood Press will be selecting five winners to be published in the Five Magic Spindles collection, which will be packaged up with the phenomenal cover you see here. Maybe your name will be one of the five listed?

All the contest rules and information (how to enter, story details, deadline etc.) may be found on the Rooglewood Press website. Just click HERE and you will go right to the page.

Rooglewood Press’s first collection, Five Glass Slippers is available for purchase, and our second collection, Five Enchanted Roses is scheduled to launch on July 27, and is currently available for pre-order. Be certain to get a copy of each and see what previous winners did with their wonderful retellings.

So, what do you think?  Isn’t that cover gorgeous?!? Do you think you’ll enter the contest?


Hello, Summer

Summer is here!  Though I technically have a little bit of school left, there’s really not much to do.

I finally have time to get back to editing Corroded Thorns.  Yay!  I hope to finish up edits as quickly as possible–maybe even in the next couple weeks!


I haven’t read a lot lately but I have a bunch of books coming in from the library, so yay!  Recently I read Seraphina by Rachel Hartman–and oh my gosh, it was amazing!  The main character, Seraphina, is probably one of my favorite heroines.  She’s so witty, intelligent–but also feminine.  I do enjoy characters like Black Widow and Katniss who are all kick-butt and awesome, but it’s so hard to find women who are strong and yet feminine.  Seraphina also had a really cool take on dragons; and the world-building was stellar.  Thankfully, my library has book 2 in the duology, so I am anxiously awaiting it!


So a couple weeks ago, I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron and WOW!   I’m having a hard time not just incoherently rambling about its awesomeness.  I now have a new favorite avenger…but I don’t want to spoil anything.  Ultron was an amazing villain (and as much as I love Loki, I thought Ultron was cooler in some ways) and the whole movie wasn’t quite as fluffy as the first one.

And I’ve also started watching Agents of Shield–but I’m on season one and season two just finished so I’m desperately trying to avoid seeing spoilers on the internet.  It’s a good show!  It satisfies my Marvel superhero craving while I wait to see Age of Ultron again later this week.

So, what have you all been reading lately?  Have you seen Age of Ultron?  What did you think?

Most importantly, what are you looking forward to this summer?

My Stack of Books

So I’ve been trying to read more lately, and out of the blue I also decided it was high time to reread one of my favorite series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. So now I have a stack of books.


The Winner’s Curse–the cover on this book is gorgeous!  So pretty!  And after reading a couple of reviews and the sample chapter on Goodreads, I wanted to read it.  Also–fun fact–it’s written in third-person past, which is kinda unique for YA these days.  (well, as far I as can tell.)

The Percy Jackson books–basically, Percy is the best narrator ever.  He’s so funny and loveable!  And then Annabeth and Percy…well, they are so shippable from, like, the first time they meet.  If you haven’t read this series, you totally should.

The Mazerunner–I’m moving slow with this one.  It’s not that I don’t like it…it’s just…everyone is so mean and secretive to Thomas.  He’s so confused, poor guy.  I totally plan on finishing this book (and I think I’ll like it), but when I have to choose between reading about Thomas being all confused and Percy making fun of mythology and being epic…well, I go with Percy.

Full-Metal Alchemist–I’ve read two volumes in this manga series, and I’m loving it!  It’s funny, but also epic and even tragic at times.   I’m waiting on volume three from the library (of course volume four came in first.)

So what have you been reading lately? Have you read anything in my stack?  And most importantly, have you read any of the Percy Jackson books?  Do tell!