Say Hello to My Bookshelf

I don’t take a lot of selfies, because it’s a little hard to take selfies with an iPad.  But when I heard about shelfies, I thought, AWESOME!  But I should tell you first…

I don’t often buy books.  It’s a fact.  I either get them from the library, or I don’t read them.  I have couple series now that I will preorder the next book, because I know I’ll like them, but other than that–I often don’t feel compelled to own a book.  Unless I know I’ll like a book a lot, or the library doesn’t have it and I will die without reading it (because this happens) I don’t buy books.

So I only have one shelf full of books.


On the far left you’ll see my collection of knitting books and other crafting books.  Following them, are a couple of old Marvel comics (one Spider-Man, one Thor) that I got from a friend for my birthday.  I have my collection of Wayne Thomas Batson books, my favorite author in middle school.  All of them are signed, which makes me happy. 😛


I got some books for Christmas, namely, Plenilune, Two Gentleman of Verona, and Orphan’s Song.  I also have a couple books I won or got for free at my library’s summer reading program (I scored a paperback of Cinder this past summer–woot woot!) And then comes my prized collection of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, thus far.  This is really the only series I incoherently fangirl about (other than the Lunar Chronicles, maybe).  IT’S JUST SO CUTE AND AWESOME.  And the covers are gorgeous, too.  After those books comes my copy of all three Lord of the Rings, which I got for 75 cents at a yard sale.  A pretty good deal!


And yes, that is a plushie of Gandalf.  I also have a Frodo one, and my sister has Bilbo and Legolas.  And my bookend is a Latin competition trophy.

So what about you guys?   Do you like buying books?  What do your shelves look like?