So I Read Some Books Last Year

One of my goals last year was to read more books, I actually did!  I also branched out and tried some new genres–and I wasn’t disappointed.  So here are some highlights from this past year:

The Lunar Chronicles
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I had heard a lot of good things about this series, and hemmed and hawed, unsure if I wanted to read it.  (I can be really indecisive about reading).   But I buckled down and read all three books and now I’m hooked!  It’s such a good series, and it’s very clean too.  I appreciate when YA books can be compelling and wonderful without large quantities of swearing and unpleasant romance.  Don’t get me wrong, I like romantic subplots, but there are some things I just don’t need to read about, or want to read about.  Thankfully, I never ran into a book like that this past year.

One The Fence

Since You’ve Been Gone

The Ellie Sweet Books
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These were some of my first contemporary YA romances and they were both awesome!  I loved how close-knit Charlie’s family was in On the Fence.  Her relationship with her dad was really sweet.  And her brothers were hysterical.  The romance was cute and clean and overall, it was one of my favorite reads.  I also loved Since You’ve Been Gone.  The characters were so compelling and real.   And Frank…well, he was awesome.  He was so sweet, and really smart too!  And he had a Latin Decathlon shirt (I’ve taken a Latin test like that before…it wasn’t fun).  But the main character, Emily, made some choices sometimes where I was like, “That’s stupid.  And illegal.  Why are you doing this?” And her best friend Sloane wasn’t exactly a good influence.  Swearing and romance were very clean in this one, though.  I also really enjoyed the Ellie Sweet books; the first one I got as an ebook to read on the plane to Hawaii this summer, the second I won.  You have to read both to get the full story.  I didn’t like the guy Ellie picked at the end of book 1, but it completely flips around in the sequel.

I read some more Tales of Goldstone Wood books, too.

And these are good books.  They’re really deep and are definitely heavier reading.  But in a good way.  I bought Shadow Hand a few months ago, cause my library didn’t have it, but I have yet to read it.  And I hear that Golden Daughter is really good too–I want to read it as well!

I read some manga.

It was a really fun experience!  There were a couple series I really liked, but never got around to getting the next books.  It is confusing though, figuring out how to read a book backwards.  I had to read the few first pages a couple times, because I read the bubbles in the wrong order.  Oops.

I did have a couple disappointing reads, though.

Along with the first Ellie Sweet book, I bought Waterfall by Lisa Bergren.  I didn’t like it.  The main character rubbed me the wrong way, I also didn’t like Marcello (long, flowing curly hair = not my cup of tea).  Also, I read the Anomaly trilogy by Krista McGee.  I liked the first one, but the second two were…well, lacking.  There was unnecessary angst thrown in from pretty much the first page of book 2, and I lost interest.  On the plus side, the main character ended up with the guy I liked.

So by far, my favorite book of the year was…

Everblaze by Shannon Messenger

As I mentioned before, this is pretty much the one series I incoherently fangirl about.  I love it.  When this book came in the mail, I was inwardly happy dancing and dashed upstairs to read as soon as I finished school.  The romance is so stinkin’ cute!  Well…it technically doesn’t qualify as romance.  It’s more adorable crushing, because all the characters are middle school aged.  The first book in this series was cute, and bit fluffy, but I loved it.  I think every book worm has one series where they love it, even if it has some faults or is a little cliché or a little fluffy.   I think I could say that about myself for the first two books of this series.  But the third book was so amazing; it had some awesome plot twists and an amazing ending, the kind is that is cliff-hangerish enough to leave you wanting the next book, but has a enough closure to be considered an ending.  So yeah…I loved this book.

So those were the highlights of my reading year.  What do you think?  Have you read any of these books?  What was your favorite read in 2014?  Do tell!